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The Award Winning KLAFS S1 Sauna

The Award Winning KLAFS S1 Sauna

For those who have always wanted the relaxing and healthy experience of owning a sauna but are limited on space, the S1 sauna from KLAFS provides the perfect solution.

The innovative KLAFS S1 sauna is the first in the world to retract or extend like a camera lens at the touch of a button, while still ensuring that you can benefit from a premium relaxation experience.

The space-saving KLAFS S1 sauna of the future

What makes the KLAFS S1 sauna unique is its minimal space requirements, ideal for apartments or houses in cities like London, where space is at a premium.  When retracted, the S1 sauna is only 60 centimetres deep, around the depth of an average wardrobe.

This stylish, beautifully designed sauna has enough room for the whole family, fully extending to three times its retracted depth in just 20 seconds.

Thanks to its flexible connection technology, the KLAFS S1 sauna is compatible with a variety of flooring types and can also easily overcome any irregularities in the floor, making it a great choice for any room.

S1 – self contained, mobile sauna system from KLAFS

Designed as a completely self-contained mobile system, your guest room, bedroom or lounge can stay just the way it is without having to move furniture around, as the S1 sauna simply fits anywhere.

What’s more, if you plan on moving to a new home you can take the KLAFS S1 sauna with you.

The stable frame is constructed using robust wood that is 40% lighter than that of conventional saunas, without compromising its ability to handle high temperatures and humidity.

A genuine revolution, the S1 ‘sauna of the future’ has already received 7 awards including the German Design Award, the IF DESIGN AWARD, and the Red Dot Design Award, amongst others.

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