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Designing Luxury Swimming Pools in Small Spaces

Designing Luxury Swimming Pools in Small Spaces

Contrary to popular belief, well built, luxury swimming pools are not strictly exclusive to properties that boast significant square footage. In fact, with careful planning and expert design, owner of compact properties and small gardens can also indulge in beautiful, bespoke swimming pools. Here are a few clever pool design techniques that can be applied to more modest spaces.


Make the most of narrow spaces with a lap pool

Fitting a swimming pool alongside a wall or fence-line is a brilliant way to complement narrow plots of land. Lap pools that run the length of a property are not only great for training, but also provide a sheltered and secluded zone for relaxation and leisure.


No need for compromise with a hidden floor swimming pool

If space is at a premium, a hidden floor pool is a cutting-edge solution that takes luxury to a whole new level. Sit back and relax as the swimming pool area is seamlessly replaced with a solid, movable floor at the click of a button. Moving floor swimming pools can be installed inside or outside, and the transformed area can then be used as a dance venue, play area, dining area or even a gym; the possibilities are endless!

Guncast expertly finishes the hidden swimming pool so that it is identical to the surrounding floor and blends in with the environment. Using innovative technology, a moving floor swimming pool is designed to take any desired load, making it by far the best way to expand a property without enlarging the footprint.


Unleash creativity with a free-form luxury swimming pool

A flowing, free-form pool can mimic the shape of a garden and ensure that no space goes to waste. By eliminating corners and breaking the rules of geometry, a free-form pool can imitate a serene pond when surrounded by trees and natural landscaping. Blending effortlessly into the natural terrain, this style of swimming pool is ideal for homeowners who are looking to add character and charm to asymmetrical space.

Imagination has no limits with a tailor-made swimming pool by Guncast. To discover more ways to save space whilst maintaining luxury, contact our expert swimming pool designers on 01798 343725. Alternatively, complete our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch.