Biohacking with Guncast and KLAFS: How Stimulating Environments Can Improve Your Health


Since the pandemic, attitudes towards health and wellness have changed drastically, with many actively seeking tangible health benefits and wellness solutions from their pool and spa facilities.

Saunas, steam baths, and many other wellness solutions are specifically designed to create optimal environments that promote regeneration and relaxation. Stimulating environments that create powerful and beneficial pulses are also becoming increasingly important to the biohacking community. This is where the innovative wellness solutions from Guncast and KLAFS comes in.

What is Biohacking?

According to health expert Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Resch, biohacking is “the targeted autoregulation and regeneration of the body through the use of stimuli that positively influence the body in a targeted and finely dosed manner.”.

Biohacking aims to improve performance, health, and well-being through targeted regulation and regeneration of the body. This can be done through a variety of techniques, both active and passive, that help stimulate the body and mind.

How Can Guncast and KLAFS Help You Biohack?

From saunas and steam baths, to plunge pools and ice lounges, Guncast offers a wide range of wellness solutions that can help you biohack your way to better health through the use of stimulating environments.

The hot phase of sauna bathing has a relaxing effect, increases overall blood circulation and stimulates the immune system. With a subsequent cold stimulus, such as a cold plunge pool, or ice lounge, there is a counter-regulation of the body. The cold causes the blood vessels dilated by the heat to contract rapidly. Therefore, the interplay of heat and cold stimuli acts as an effective vascular training for the immune and cardiovascular systems. Take a look through the range of KLAFS saunas and other wellness products, including pools, available from Guncast, here.

Biohacking with Guncast and KLAFS goes beyond sauna and pool use. For example, the SWAY pendulum lounger and the stimulating light of the KLAFS SONNENWIESE® can have similar health-promoting effects. Relaxing on the pendulum lounger causes the heart rate variability to drop faster than with ordinary resting, which results in the entire body relaxing pleasantly after only a short time. The body is lulled into a pleasant short sleep, which causes regeneration of body and mind after only 15 to 20 minutes.

Combined with the tanning device KLAFS SONNENWIESE®, the SWAY pendulum lounger promises an energising beauty sleep and, thanks to the distance and spatial freedom, conveys a feeling of sunbathing as in nature.

The Biohacking Bottom Line

Biohacking with Guncast and KLAFS can help you achieve optimal environments that specifically promote the regeneration of the body and relax the mind. Whether it’s through saunas, steam baths, infrared products, the SWAY pendulum lounger or KLAFS SONNENWIESE® lighting, Guncast offers a variety of innovative wellness solutions that can help you biohack your way to a healthier and more relaxed you. Contact us to find out more.