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Choosing the Right Facilities for Your Commercial Wellness Area

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Designing a commercial wellness area can be an exciting yet complex process; with numerous facilities to choose from. Some establishments may be better suited to certain spa attributes, so making the best decision is crucial for consumer satisfaction.

Thermal Cabins

Even the most lavish sauna can be improved and transformed into a secluded thermal cabin with a careful selection of premium features.  Saunas reach a dry heat of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and provide the ultimate relaxation; relieving tension and easing muscle ache. The soothing high temperate works wonders on lowering blood pressure and de-stressing the body and mind, promoting a peaceful sleep pattern. For this reason, thermal cabins make a brilliant addition to any high-class hotel to ensure guests have a pleasurable stay.

Additionally, the deep sweating that comes from bathing in heat helps to remove dead skin cells and flushes bacteria from the skin. Sweating bathes the skin in nutrients, boosting collagen and reducing the appearance of fine lines, so saunas would also suit a luxury health spa. Guncast partner with industry leaders KLAFS to design the most tranquil thermal cabins the industry has seen.

Relaxation Rooms

Relaxation rooms provide the ultimate calming experience, aiding self-care, better mental health and total stress-free bliss. Relaxation rooms often feature subtle lighting, neutral tones and soft fabrics with loungers or beanbags for maximum comfort. Sound systems can make all the difference, creating soporific effects with the use of crashing wave’s effects or the sounds of the rainforest.  Soft fabrics, fleeces, and candlelight brilliantly compliment therapy treatments, making relaxation rooms perfect match for spas and health clubs and hotels.

Plunge Pools & Ice Baths

Plunge pools and ice baths are extremely beneficial for use after rigorous exercise, as the colder water helps the body to recover as effectively as possible after a workout. Temperatures generally between 12 to 15°C prompt rejuvenation and cause blood vessels to restrict, flushing out the lactic acid and easing the muscles. Athletes use ice baths as a way to fight fatigue, as well as refresh and invigorate the body, so these types of facilities would be ideal for gyms and health clubs.

Steam Rooms

Whilst steam rooms may not reach the same temperatures as a sauna, the health benefits are still just as impressive. With humidity levels of up to 100%, the thick mist is superb for opening up airways and subduing respiratory implications such as allergies and asthma. Similar to saunas, steam is beneficial for the skin, and can help to clear blemishes and leave a healthy glow, making them great for spas and health clubs. Steam room interiors are usually decoratively tiled with matching benches so designs can be as uniquely styled as desired.

Whichever relaxation facility appeals most, Guncast have stunning features and finishes to choose from, with our manufacturing partners KLAFS we can help provide a luxurious spa experience that’s tailor-made to meet your business’s needs. For expert advice, you can contact the team on 01798 343725 or via email at