Moving Floor Swimming Pool by Guncast Featured in the Wall Street Journal

This simple yet stunning outdoor moving floor swimming pool in the West Midlands, designed by Guncast, was recently added to the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Mansion Wishlist,’ where interior designers, top executives, developers and others in the know share the one-of-a-kind items on their wishlist.

The Moving Floor Swimming Pool

Interior Designer Nicole Alexander had this to say, ‘In all of our high-end residentials, we’re pushing this pool because you can put anything on it—it’s totally versatile. You can lift up the pool floor to where you can play basketball or create a deep swimming pool with it in the summer. You can drain it and use the space for dining. A regular pool just sits empty, but you can even park cars on this one, it’s so durable. If you live in [colder regions], you can also build it indoors. The controls integrate into the home system so you can lower [the pool floor] remotely from your phone.’

Counter Current Unit

This particular pool is also fitted with a JetStream Trivia counter current unit (which can also be controlled remotely) for outdoor swim training.

Hidden swimming pools from Guncast will transform both indoor and outdoor spaces.  By installing a moving floor swimming pool, a property is expanded without enlarging the footprint or losing any space.

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