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How to Prevent Debris From Clogging Swimming Pool Filters

How to Prevent Debris From Clogging Swimming Pool Filters

Summer has arrived and swimming pool season has begun, which means it’s time to check that your pool filter is operating effectively. Maintaining the beauty and function of your Guncast swimming pool is essential during the warmer season, so we’ve collated some useful advice to keep your pool filter clear and clog-free.

Clean your swimming pool cover

Many luxury swimming pools feature automatic pool covers, which are brilliant at protecting the water from dirt and debris. Before uncovering the pool for use, be sure to remove any litterfall that may have gathered on the cover’s surface to prevent it from entering the pool.  For swimming pools that have been covered for a prolonged period, ask a specialist pool technician to assist in getting it ready for the season ahead. 

Check the pool filter pressure gauge 

Checking the swimming pool filter’s pressure gauge daily is an effective way to monitor whether it is functioning properly. Changes in the pressure can indicate that dirt or debris has entered and clogged the system. In the event of an abnormal pressure reading, call a professional pool service engineer for assistance

Cleaning a swimming pool filter

Of course, regular cleaning of a swimming pool filter will enhance its effectiveness and longevity. The frequency of required cleaning will depend on the type of pool filter installed and the amount and type of use of the pool. A cartridge filter, for example, requires cleaning every 2 weeks on average, whereas a silica sand filter merits cleaning on average every 2 weeks.  Consult an experienced swimming pool engineer to be sure of how often cleaning is required. Find out more about what type of filter you should choose, here.

Luxury pool service and maintenance 

There are several preventative measures you can take to protect your swimming pool filter, but the best way to keep your luxury swimming working well and looking great is with a bespoke swimming pool maintenance service contract from Guncast. Our specialist team of uniformed service engineers offers bookable appointments with reliable service and quality assurance. Contact us to find out more.