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Features that Turn an Average Pool into a Designer Pool

Features that Turn an Average Pool into a Designer Pool

Whether you’re after a minimalistic, concrete design or an ornate showpiece laden with precious bespoke finishes, here are the trending, sought-after features and accents that transform your everyday pool into a luxurious, designer affair.

Water Features

One of the key things that sets a luxury swimming pool apart is that it’s not just for recreation alone, but a work of art in its own right.  One of the most stunning ways to set a pool above the rest is with the inclusion of water features. 

Adding a waterfall or a hydrotherapy feature to a swimming pool is an eye-catching way to transform a simple body of water into a spa-like experience.  The visual beauty, auditory appeal and practical benefits (including improved relaxation, better pool filtration and customisation options) make waterfalls an appealing option for those looking to incorporate a luxury feel to their swimming pools. 

Other water features worth considering as well are fountains and spillways.  Fountains, similar to waterfalls, also offer enhanced beauty, relaxation and full customisation.  Additionally, fountains also act as natural humidifiers – in line with the overall spa experience.

A spillway channel offers an elegant alternative to the standard surface water weir featured on so many spas.  With its rather functional name and no frills purpose, one may be surprised to learn that the dam wall on a spa can also serve as a gorgeous focal point for a luxury swimming pool and spa.  Separating the spa from the adjacent pool, the inclusion of a spillway creates a cosy, visually appealing and auditorily soothing spa escape.

Baja Shelf

As with all trends, some swimming pool fads fade quickly, while others hold so much appeal they become the norm.  Only time will truly tell, but it seems that the Baja Shelf (also known as a tanning ledge, tanning shelf, sun shelf and Cabo shelf) is the latter.  This pool to beach feature is a graduating shallow section where children can wade or adults can soak.

Normally, this popular feature is incorporated into the pool steps, serving as a second oversized step down into the pool.  However, it can also be a graduating slope instead of steps.

The reason they are so popular is not hard to ascertain.  Not only are they generally quite useful, Baja Shelfs look amazing. Add to that some creative tiling, lighting and bubbles and the Baja Shelf can quickly become the centrepiece of a luxury swimming pool.

Swim-Up Bars

In the UK, homeowners and hoteliers only have a precious few months out of the year to utilise their outdoor pools. The addition of a swim-up bar adds an air of sophistication and glamour to any luxury pool experience – private or commercial. Swim-up bars also have some other key benefits.  Not only are they fully customisable (think tanning ledges and audio systems), they also save space by combining the pool and food/beverage services into one area.


Lighting sets the tone, creates the desired mood and can transform the ambience of a luxury swimming pool.

Add beauty, drama and mystery to your pool environment, enhance water features and other pool accents, improve night-time visibility and safety, lift the mood and adapt to any occasion or event – all with the strategic use of light.

Moving Floors

moving floor swimming pool is the cutting-edge solution where space is at a premium. Sit back and relax as the swimming pool area is seamlessly replaced with a solid floor that can then be used as a function venue, play area, dining hall or gym.

By installing a swimming pool with a moving floor, the property is expanded without enlarging the footprint or losing any space, which comes at a premium in urban cities like London.  In addition, through the use of patented Spiralift Technology, the floor can also be adjusted to variable depths (or closed off completely), making it safer for children and pets and suitable for aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy and more.

Whichever pool trend appeals, Guncast have stunning features and finishes to choose from, providing a luxurious pool and spa experience that’s tailor-made to meet specific requirements. For expert advice, you can contact the team on 01798 343725 or via email at