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Eco-friendly Solutions for Luxury Swimming Pools

Eco-friendly Solutions for Luxury Swimming Pools

Over the last decade, the demand for environmentally considerate pool design has risen in residential swimming pool projects. Eco-friendly pool features are becoming just as important as the sleek, elegant finishes that complete the leisure facility, but are they easily attainable?

The short answer, yes. Here are a few helpful tips from Guncast’s swimming pool design experts on how environmentally considerate relaxation can be a part of everyday life with the use of clever and innovative pool systems.

Enjoy purer water with eco-friendly filtration systems

A reduced level of chlorine is often requested by swimming pool owners, especially those who want to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Guncast offers the latest UV and Ozone systems, ensuring wonderfully clean and clear water, with the absolute bare minimum of chemical additives. Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) systems, provide a balanced solution between being a system reliant on chlorine and a completely natural option.

Conserve energy with bespoke pool covers from Guncast

Eco-conscious pool owners know that one of simplest and most cost-effective ways to conserve both water and energy is to cover their pool when it’s not in use. Pool covers reduce

evaporation, keeping the heat in and debris out to ensure the pool is also kept looking its best.

An automatic, bespoke swimming pool cover from Guncast can help to keep pool water clean and lessens the load on the filtration system, reducing the chance of blockages. Automatic pool covers are also brilliant for retaining the temperature and minimising the level of heating required. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of the pool, but it also improves the overall swimming experience.

Invest in a luxury moving floor swimming pool

Whilst pool covers effectively preserve heat and retain energy, there is a more luxurious environmentally considerate alternative for those wishing to upgrade their investment.

Hidden floor swimming pools are a more eco-friendly option, using less chemicals to treat the water when the pool is enclosed.
A cutting-edge solution for where space is at a premium, a solid movable floor can be seamlessly replaced with a fully functional swimming pool area at the touch of a button. Guncast designed and built this beautiful outdoor pool with moving floor system in the West Midlands, to give a seamless surround and blend with the landscape.

Keep it simple, keep it clean

As well as upgrading your heating and filtration system, keeping your filters clean is a quick and simple way to way to ensure that your pool uses less energy. A dirty filter doesn’t work as well as a pristine one, causing your pump to work harder and more often, and your cleaning agents to be less effective.

Guncast offers year-round pool maintenance to boost the longevity and operational performance of any pool, from servicing filters to providing commercially trained divers. Discover more about our professional maintenance solutions.

Elite swimming pool design by Guncast

Elite, environmentally conscious swimming pools require specialist design and consultancy to ensure that the vision and concept is achieved to the highest standards.

Pools by Guncast are luxurious, beautiful and finished to perfection. For expert advice, contact our dedicated swimming pool builders on +44 (0)1798 343725. Alternatively, complete our online contact form and one our specialists will be in touch.