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Discover the Deep Relaxation of the KLAFS Hombre Steam Room

Discover the Deep Relaxation of the Klafs Hombre Steam Room

The spa experience begins at home with the KLAFS HOMBRE Steam Room from Guncast. Enticing warmth paired with sleek stone seating, this state-of-the-art steam bath is a must have for luxury properties.

Unsure whether the soothing steam bathing experience is right for you? Read on to discover the relaxation benefits of the HOMBRE Steam Room.


Creating an indulgent spa experience for your home offers many health benefits, and, relaxing in a KLAFS HOMBRE steam bath can calm both body and soul.

If you suffer from joint pain, backache or muscle soreness, just five to fifteen minutes in a KLAFS steam bath could help ease your discomfort. Steam expands your blood vessels, helping to increase blood flow and the intense warmth prompts the muscles to relax so that limb and joint pain can be noticeably reduced.

Regular use of a steam bath can also be beneficial for the skin, helping to clear blemishes and flush out toxins. High humidity may provide a moisturising effect whilst steam can help to open the pores, offering deep cleansing and leaving skin glowing and feeling revived. With unlimited access to your own detoxifying KLAFS HOMBRE Steam Bath, you can experience rejuvenated skin like never before.


The allure of a warm steam bath takes on a definite shape with this solid, modern steam room. Luxury materials have been used throughout in the HOMBRE steam facility, which can be customised as desired and adapted to fit various spacing requirements.

If you’re looking for attractive and convenient steam bath extras, try the stunning NIGHT SKY, automatic aroma system or the innovative TOUCH CONTROL system. Speak to one of our specialists to find out how to personalise your wellness cabin.


Steam bathing just got easier. KLAFS intelligent, low-maintenance vaporiser technology enables you to generate steam regardless of the water quality. The optional steam boost adds diversity to your bathing programme and at the press of a button, air nozzles blast the steam back to your body as it rises to the ceiling. For effortless relaxation, the HOMBRE Steam Room has you covered.


Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to provide a luxurious spa experience that’s tailor-made to meet your specific needs. With stunning features and finishes to choose from, KLAFS delivers exceptional and uncompromising sauna designs that you can trust.

For trusted advice and more information on the KLAFS HOMBRE Steam Bath contact the Guncast team on 01798 343725 or via email at Alternatively, complete our contact form and one of our consultants will be in touch.