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Guncast Project Manager Reflects on Exclusive Lincoln Square

Guncast Project Manager Reflects on Exclusive Lincoln Square Pool and Spa Project


Guncast Swimming Pools was selected to build and install a luxury wet leisure area which comprised of a 25-metre lap pool, multifunction vitality pool, and a complete KLAFS UK sauna and steam package at an exclusive residential property, Lincoln Square, in central London. Here, David Page, Commercial Sales and Project Manager from Guncast, looks back on the process and working relationship with Lodha.

Can you give an overview of the initial brief or objectives?

Lincoln Square was Lodha’s (Lodha Group, India’s largest real estate developer) first UK project and they wanted to make a statement. Quality was top of the agenda, and they wanted to provide an area of tranquillity for residents to escape to.

Why was Guncast approached for this project?

Lodha Group had received numerous recommendations for Guncast, from other contractors they had relationships with, it was this and Guncast’s experience and expertise which ultimately secured the first phase of the works. Confidence grew as we worked through the design and first phase pipework installation, with glowing reports from other contractors and the management team. This led to us being a nominated contractor for the full swimming pool, spa, and wellness suite works.

How much input did Guncast have in the pool / spa design?

On the larger commercial jobs, such as this, a layout is generally already put forward by the architects and our job is to help make their vision a reality. Alongside Devin Consulting Ltd we were able to enhance the brief and develop it into a working product, drawing on 40 years company experience and helping coordinate other services and ensuring the project was not just visually stunning but every finish, feature and part of the wellness journey provided the best possible experience for the users.

What is the main use for this pool?

The 25m swimming pool is equipped with two lane markers making it ideal for lap swimming. With a constant depth of 1.2m the pool has proved popular with residents of different ages and abilities. The vitality pool offers users different features, making it the perfect environment to unwind and have a complete hydrotherapy experience. Both pools are used by the residents and guests for exercise and to unwind. However, they have also been used for holding events such as company days, and even hosted a mini-Olympics.

Can you talk about some of the specific pool features?

The Lincoln Square amenities include a 25 metre, temperature-controlled swimming pool, an accompanying 8m x 5m vitality pool, saunas and steam rooms.
The vitality pool provides several features that allow the users to relax in a calming environment and have all their worries washed, massaged and aired away! The pool features a tiled ergonomic bench with back massagers that are set at different levels to provide relief for different areas of the back. This is combined with a bubble track cast into the seat that provides an air lift from underneath the user.
To the side of the vitality pool there are three massage stations where users can stand in front of and above jets that target their back, legs and feet. To complete the hydrotherapy experience there is a tubular stainless-steel bench with a large air pad that provides a gentle full-body massage as the users recline and relax.

Can you talk about the KLAFS UK products that were installed as part of the project and why they were chosen?

The whole project consists of two saunas, two steam rooms, an experience shower and a wash off shower. KLAFS UK was chosen to provide the thermal rooms due to their reputation, which is aligned with the Guncast quality standard.
The unisex sauna and steam room provides space for up to 10 users in an extremely high-quality environment. The KLAFS Hemlock saunas were installed with two-tier seating, and the KLAFS steam rooms include essence injection, which infuses the space with a selection of tropical fruit essences or an energising eucalyptus infusion.The experience shower was selected to provide a mixed symphony for the senses with a 3-cycle experience of water being released in different ways, combined with the sounds of birdsong or waves crashing, and different coloured lighting.

What are the health and wellbeing benefits of the wet leisure area at this residential project?

The residents can relax, unwind and enjoy the exclusive area. Swimming is a low-impact form of exercise, which keeps the heart rate up and, done regularly, can help to build endurance, tone and strengthen muscles, and improve cardiovascular fitness. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.
Heat therapy provided by the sauna and steam room facilities can boost the immune system, detox the body and help regulate blood pressure, which all contribute to stress relief, as well as promoting good sleep. Saunas and steam rooms also support pain relief and stress recovery, as well as mental and physical relaxation, amongst other benefits.

What was the customer feedback?

We have received glowing feedback from the client and users of the facilities and the space has become a break for residents and guests away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan life.

David_PageWhat were the benefits for the customer of working with Guncast on this project?

On this project Guncast helped to coordinate the services and resolve some of the scope gaps during the project. Due to our experience and the way we work, we were brought in to help with different areas of the project, which even included constructing the steps to a lobby from the central courtyard. Guncast’s ability to work past the predefined scope means we can help overcome a multitude of problems that may arise on the project.

If you are an Architect or Designer looking for support with a swimming pool and or spa project, talk to the swimming pool design and build experts at Guncast to start planning the perfect luxury swimming pool projects for your clients. We also offer a wide range of KLAFS sauna and steam products. Simply call the team on 01798 343725 or fill out our contact form for a call-back.