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The Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Having an Outdoor Swimming Pool

The Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Having an Outdoor Swimming Pool

It’s easy to understand why many would recoil at the suggestion of swimming outside at this time of year, but before making any snap judgements, it’s worth bearing in mind the numerous health benefits that the cooler weather brings…

Calm & Soothe

The calming effect of swimming is known to last for an entire day. Swimming induces the same relaxation responses as yoga, which is perfect for relieving stress and easing muscle aches. It’s not just the body that benefits from a cool dip, outdoor swimming also boosts endorphins and vitamin D levels, promoting better mental health overall.

Boost the Immune System

Through forcing the body to react to changing conditions, such as the cooler water of an outdoor pool, white blood cell count increases. This means that over time the body’s mobilising defences improve, which is why people who participate in cold water swimming rarely become ill.

Purify the Skin

Submerging skin in cold water achieves an exfoliant effect, which in turn promotes a rejuvenated smoothness, on par with a spa facial treatment. Cooler temperatures also improve blood circulation, which flushes out any impurities and also tackles cellulite. Research published in the Journal of Aging Health has also shown that getting outdoors daily helps people to stay healthy and functioning longer; resulting in a more graceful ageing process.

Increase Metabolism

Swimming is an incredibly effective form of exercise, building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, and plunging into cooler waters can amplify these results. Outdoor swimming works the body twice as hard to keep warm, meaning metabolism can increase by up to 550% of its resting level. The heart needs to pump faster and the body must work harder to keep warm while swimming in cold water. Overall, swimming in cooler temperatures burns far more calories than in hotter conditions.

Improve Energy Levels

A quick plunge into cold water can work miracles for vitality. The cold shock creates a surge of adrenaline, helping to stay refreshed and vitalised throughout the day. Spending time outdoors in the surrounding nature has also been shown to increase brain function and improve focus, a brilliant way to start the day.

Promote Better Sleep Patterns

Delving into an ice bath after a strenuous period of exercise can relieve muscle soreness and is a popular method amongst athletes. Cold water stimulates the bodies parasympathetic systems responsible for rest and repair, creating the perfect conditions for a tranquil night’s sleep.

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