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Introducing the KLAFS ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath from Guncast

Introducing the KLAFS ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath from Guncast


For hotels, private health clubs, and spas looking to offer their guests a completely unique luxury bathing experience, the new KLAFS ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath, available from Guncast, combines relaxation, bathing pleasure, and soothing skin care.

The innovative design has wowed internationally renowned design experts, receiving the “Special Mention” award at the German Design Awards 2022. 

A ceremony for the senses 

Designed for hotels, private health clubs, spas, or cruise ships, the KLAFS ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath takes your guests on a memorably luxurious journey. Upon entering the cabin, the bather is greeted by soft, aesthetic lighting. The sensory experience continues with fragrant, all-natural foam that rises to waist height. The gentle refractions of light within the cabin, accompanied by relaxing sounds, create a soothing atmosphere for the bather. During this time, the body is gently warmed and prepared for the second bathing phase.

After further addition of foam, the bather is comfortably enveloped in a fragrant, nourishing lather up to chest level. At this point, your guests will experience the deep moisturising and revitalising effects of the all-natural foam essences on the skin. The main criteria during the development of the KLAFS foam essences was a combination of luxury and care. The foam essences not only feel good – they do good.

A gentle trickle of warm water ushers in the end of the steam bath session. The fragrant foam collapses and the bathing pleasure ends with a cold shower before stepping out into the fresh air. This is a truly memorable experience.  

ESPURO® Foam Essences: Gentle bathing experience and skin-friendly care  

The ESPURO® Foam Essences, which were specially developed by the award-winning team at KLAFS for the ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath, consist of natural ingredients of plant origin that pamper and nourish the skin. A sophisticated formula ensures optimised foam production and a luxurious quality that can be felt in every bubble.

In addition, the coconut-based foam essences have been specially tested and are suitable for sensitive skin. The essences have received ISO 16128 certification for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and products. The Dermatest Institute has also rated all ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath Essences as “very good” for sensitive skin. 

The soothing effect of foam is also endorsed by medical experts. For example, Prof. Dr. med. Karl-Ludwig Resch from the German Institute for Health Research in Hof/Saale explains: “Foam is an ideal carrier for high-quality skin-care substances, and is particularly gentle and long-lasting, since a large volume can be produced with lesser amounts of substance. The active ingredients can be gently applied to the skin – far better dosed than those in oils or creams.” 

An enrichment of the wellness area

The new ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath is a valuable investment as a unique experience to offer guests looking for wellness and relaxation. Guests of the five-star Wald-und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe hotel, where the ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath was first installed, had an overwhelmingly positive response. Regarding the installation, Spa manager Gabriela Noschka stated: “We integrated the ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath into our spa area with great expectations – and in the end, they were exceeded. Our guests are thrilled by the unique, exciting foam experience, which until now has only been known in this way from infusion ceremonies in saunas. But unlike the intense heat of an infusion, the nurturing foam brings only a light, soothing warmth, which in combination with the light and sound spectacle becomes a very special experience.” The hotel won the “Continent Winner Europe” award in the Luxury Spa Resort category at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2022.

The foam is produced via an integrated foam outlet and carried into the cabin. The fully equipped ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath can be installed as a complete unit, or the foam outlet can be retro-fitted to an existing steam bath or cabin, including KLAFS mud baths, hamams or caldariums, for example.

Low cleaning effort thanks to automatic disinfection  

As with all KLAFS products for hotels, spas and public facilities, in addition to providing a luxury bathing experience, low energy consumption and minimal cleaning effort have been considered  in the design. In the case of the new ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath, hygiene concept was worked out together with the recognised hygiene laboratory WHU GmbH (Water, Hygiene, Environment) and Dipl. Ing. Dr. Arno Sorger.  A sophisticated cleaning process guarantees optimum and efficient cleaning after each bathing session, and it is disinfected at the touch of a button, giving you and your guests peace of mind.

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The KLAFS ESPURO® Foam Steam Bath is an experience for all senses. Fine, foam bubbles create a glittering, soft, and playful atmosphere which promises a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

Find inspiration from our portfolio of bespoke swimming pool and spa projects. You can download the latest KLAFS MAGALOG or contact the Guncast team for a design consultation with our experts. You can also book an appointment at our showroom in Cheshire.