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Find your cosy escape with the new KLAFS AURA Sauna

Find your cosy escape with the new KLAFS AURA Sauna

The luxurious spa experience doesn’t have to begin and end at the spa. Why not enhance your home with your very own private sauna? KLAFS is leading the way in the world of thermal cabins and the new AURA Sauna can make an indulgent addition to any living space.

Cosy & inviting sauna design

A subtle, homely twist on the traditional sauna. The AURA Sauna combines new types of textiles with KLAFS innovation. Breathing new life into the word ‘cosy’, this classically elegant cabin is designed with floating sauna benches and the options of continuous glass front and finest hemlock wood. Clear lines, unique styling and large glass surfaces – this sauna is timelessly tasteful and leaves a lasting impression.

This intimate cabin is expertly manufactured to meet your needs and desires, and with a range of premium sauna features to choose from, the AURA can be as wonderfully unique as the owner itself.

Beautiful & homely cabin interior

The feeling you get when you step inside a KLAFS sauna is truly indescribable. The AURA cabin exudes a feeling of cosy exclusivity, and the hygienic use of plush cushions offer a supple alternative to traditions wooden headrests and backrests. For optimum relaxation, the elegant sauna pendant light paired with soft sauna finishes creates an alluring lounge atmosphere, perfect for quiet contemplation after a busy day.

Cosy & content wellbeing

Homely designs are the new trend, and the new AURA Sauna radiates harmonious warmth and wellbeing, a subtle nod to the Hygge way of living.

Hygge is a Danish concept that creates joy and cosiness in life’s everyday moments, such as reading book in a warm bath, drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace and even relaxing in a sauna.

If you dream of soothing away stresses in a secluded thermal cabin as an uplifting way to experience the hygge lifestyle, the AURA Sauna provides a blissful space to unwind.

Expert sauna installation from Guncast

All the AURA needs is your own four walls. The experts at Guncast can install your sauna to fit whichever room you desire, from bathrooms and basements to living areas and bedrooms.

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to deliver exceptional and uncompromising sauna installations that you can trust. If you need advice on a home sauna project, or if you would like to find our more about the thermal cabins Guncast can offer, complete our online contact form for a brochure. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)1798 343725 to speak to one of our specialists.