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Features That Turn An Ordinary Spa Into a Premium Wellness Area

Features that turn an ordinary spa into a premium wellness area

We look at what transforms an ordinary spa area into a premium wellness suite that outshines the competition. Below are three luxurious features that provide a relaxation experience that guests will remember.

Enhance saunas with Infrared heat bathing

Infrared has become an increasingly popular addition to high-end spas across the country, providing guests with a new way to relax and unwind. With numerous health benefits, the focused heat treatment can melt away stresses and soothe back aches and pains.

KLAFS InfraPLUS features the innovative SensoCare sensor system that automatically adjusts the radiation intensity to the user’s body temperature, ensuring the skin isn’t overstressed. This gentle but effective Infrared treatment allows guests to indulge in an additional thermal experience without having to leave the sauna.

Relaxation reinterpreted: Sanarium with Saunapure®

Allow your guests to experience a truly unique spa journey with the patented SANARIUM with SaunaPURE®. At the touch of a button, this innovative and diverse system creates an individual wellness treatment like no other.

The SANARIUM with SaunaPURE® offers five different climate zones, so clients have the luxury of choosing whichever atmosphere they desire. Whether it’s the classic sauna, warm air bath, tropical bath, aroma bath or gentle steam bath, this clever KLAFS sauna heater can accommodate with ease.

Whilst the relaxation experience alone is enough to make the SANARIUM the industry’s most desirable sauna, it also promotes good health and offers pure indulgence for the body and soul.

Drift away with the SWAY pendulum lounger

Gentle swaying of a hammock combined with the indulgent comfort of boutique hotel bed is what you can expect from the new SWAY lounger from KLAFS.

After an intense sauna session, guests can blissfully drift away as they are rocked into a refreshing nap by the loungers gentle pendulum movement. Within seconds, a pleasant, cosy feeling envelops the body and stresses and tensions soon melt away. The 15-20 minutes is enough to leave your guests totally refreshed and renewed with energy.

What’s more, studies by the Fraunhofer Society have shown that the innovative pendulum movement of SWAY enables users to relax considerably faster than on a conventional lounger.

Industry leading design and installation from Guncast

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS, who deliver exceptional and uncompromising sauna installations that you can trust across the UK. With stunning features and finishes to choose from, KLAFS provide a luxurious spa experience that’s tailor-made to meet your clients’ needs as well as your businesses.

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