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Infrared Saunas – the Latest Home Wellness Trend From Guncast

Infrared Saunas – the Latest Home Wellness Trend From Guncast

Wellness suites are a must-have luxury home accessory, and thanks to many possible health and wellbeing benefits, infrared saunas are quickly rising in popularity. The KLAFS Infrared S1 and the KLAFS InfraPLUS offered by Guncast, provide luxury, indulgence and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.   

The health benefits of infrared saunas

After a long day, what better way to relax and unwind than with an infrared heat treatment session in your home? The benefits are numerous.  For example, focused heat treatment of the back area can offer relaxation and stress reduction after a tough day, as well as pain relief to soothe away aches in the back and shoulders.

Heat bathing with infrared can also enable you to eliminate toxins, helping to purify the skin and detoxify the body. In fact, Infrared saunas are reputed to help eliminate seven times more toxins than traditional saunas. The use of infrared heat treatments may also contribute to weight loss, as well as helping to improve circulation. 

The slim and smart KLAFS infrared S1 from Guncast

Fitting perfectly into modern life, the innovatively designed, space-saving KLAFS Infrared S1 provides heat treatment and relaxation, even in smaller spaces. With a revolutionary zoom function, the Infrared S1 requires only 45 cm of space when in its retracted state so can be easily incorporated into a bedroom, living room or gym. 

Available for one or two people, the Infrared S1 features durable, leather-lined padded seats with armrests, offering optimal comfort and luxury. The infrared-C radiation heats your back to whichever level best suits your needs, with the option of soft, medium or intensive settings. To ensure comfort, and maximum wellness benefits, SensoCare sensors take contact-free skin temperature readings, automatically adjusting the intensity of the radiation accordingly during the session. Comfort heating under the seats also provides a pleasantly warm and relaxing environment from the moment you step in. The interior walls are lined with naturally grown hemlock veneer, but alternative veneers, including fragrant arolla pine (also known as Swiss stone pine), or walnut, are available to create the elegant finish that best suits your environment. Coloured lighting adds to the relaxing effect and a high-quality audio system can also be installed if desired. 

KLAFS InfraPLUS to enhance your sauna or wellness suite

Perfectly designed to complement your sauna, the award-winning* KLAFS InfraPLUS package features an adjustable backrest so you can sit comfortably, even on a low sauna bench, to enjoy an infrared session. The InfraPLUS employs the same SensoCare sensor system as the Infrared S1, automatically adjusting the radiation intensity, according to body temperature, without overstressing your skin. 

Sometimes, you may want to enjoy the benefits of Infrared heat bathing, but be short on time. With your sauna heater, you can rapidly heat the cabin to a cosy 27°-35° and indulge in a quick, but relaxing, infrared session whenever it is convenient.

Infrared heat bathing products

Alongside our bespoke luxury swimming pool design and build services, Guncast works closely with KLAFS Sauna and Steam to offer a complete health and wellness suite in order to complement your property and meet your needs. For more information please contact us.  

* PLUS X Award Winner for High quality, Design, Ease of use and Functionality. The Plus X Award focuses on technology sport and lifestyle.