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3 Questions to Ask Your Architect When Designing an Outdoor Pool

3 Questions to Ask Your Architect When Designing an Outdoor Pool

Has this year’s heat wave left you longing for a luxury outdoor swimming pool of your own? If the answer’s yes, then here are 3 questions you should ask your architect or pool designer before going ahead with your summer 2019 pool project.

Is my garden suitable for pool construction?

Heavy machinery is needed to dig out a pool, and this may cause issues for the proposed pool area, especially if your land has a high water table. It is recommended to undergo a soil test before building begins to confirm whether the site is suitable for construction.  Sandy, expansive or rocky soil and other ground factors can cause concerns, so ask an experienced pool contractor for trusted advice. 

What materials are best for my outdoor swimming pool?

While polished plaster has historically been a popular pool finish material, the rise of glass mosaics and now porcelain tile has introduced artistic flair to the pool planning process. It’s important to really think about what the atmosphere of your outdoor pool will be and discuss this with your designer. Do you want a swimming pool that harmonises with the surroundings and creates a naturistic feel? Or do you want your swimming pool to stand out and steal the limelight?

You can use your surrounding architecture and landscape to guide your choice of materials. Rocky waterfalls and natural stone can help an outdoor swimming pool beautifully blend into an earthy environment, while sleek glass tiling and modern water jets can complement a home in a contemporary, city setting.

Who will be building the pool?

An architect or landscape designer may be able to perfect your pool design aesthetics, but to ensure you actually receive the pool of your dreams, you’ll need to choose a highly experienced, specialist swimming pool designer and builder. Guncast works alongside leading architects and project managers and understands the importance of these partnerships when creating luxury swimming pools. Guncast has a leading reputation for innovation, elegance and style and adheres to the most rigorous standards.

Guncast Architect Zone

If you’re an architect building a luxury swimming pool, you can receive access to the Guncast Architect Zone. This specialist resource offers inspiration and information for your pool design and build project. 

Guncast developed this specialist area to support existing and new partnerships. By providing valuable information, to the Architect Zone offers inspiration for the pitching, design and building elements of your projects, ensuring continued excellence.

Access to this specialist site is by invitation only, with an aim to provide our select community of architects with a valuable resource to enhance luxury pool build projects. 

To discover more about Guncast’s outdoor swimming pool expertise and to talk to us about an upcoming project, contact our dedicated team on 01844 216264 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.