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The Difference Between a KLAFS Steam Bath and a Steam Shower

The Difference Between a KLAFS Steam Bath and a Steam Shower

KLAFS are leading the way in the world of wellness, and one of their most decadent creations yet is their luxurious range of steam baths and showers. Both invigorate the body and soothe the soul, but aside from the obvious, what distinguishes these high-end steam facilities?

Save space with KLAFS steam showers

If space is limited, you can still achieve a blissful spa experience with a KLAFS steam shower By packing maximum indulgence into minimum space requirements, you can now follow a relaxing steam session with a refreshing shower without having to leave your thermal cabin.

With plenty of customisation options available (from glass mosaic tiles to natural stone), design has no limits. The vaporiser system has been cocooned in a space-savvy cupboard and the compact generator takes up very little room, so the expertly designed steam shower allows for comfortably spacious relaxation.

For a steam shower that blends harmoniously with the bathroom, the Valley Steam Shower offers bespoke designs for an amazing steam shower experience. With capacity for up to 2 people, this cabin is made of lightweight, moisture-proof elements and is available with sleek hinged wooden seats.

The QUADRANO steam shower has a clever integrated drainage system, so this steam shower can be easily fitted into any bathroom. Made from beautiful sheets of sturdy, low-maintenance acrylic glass, the ergonomically friendly seating area features a luxury hand-held shower attachment for ultimate relaxation.

For a more vibration steam experience, the MOSAIK steam shower by KLAFS can be your own work of art. With an array of glistening colours to choose from, the MOSIAK steam shower provides a personalised spa ambience that melts stress away. Featuring an illuminated shelf and touchscreen controls, this customisable steam shower can be as unique as the person using it.

Blissful bathing with KLAFS steam baths

KLAFS steam baths (or steam rooms) are the perfect way to release tension and cleanse the skin of impurities. Steam baths are more spacious that steam showers and have a much larger capacity, making them more suited to commercial use. For a deeper relaxation, the Hombre steam bath uses luxury materials which can be customised and adapted to fit various spacing requirements. With heated benches, an enticing ambience and the option of the gorgeous NIGHT SKY ceiling lights, this steam bath makes the perfect addition to any wellness area.

For a spa experience you will never forget , the KLAFS D12 Vario Onsen bath beautifully replicate the soothing water found in naturally hot springs. Immerse yourself in soft clouds of steam and boost your blood circulation, restore your body and float away your aches and pains.

The D12 Vario Onsen bath features five invigorating spa experiences rolled into one. The D12 combines a steam bath and a bathtub to create your own personal oasis of calm. The D12 Vario is great for cooling down and you can complete your bathing experience with the optional horizontal shower which features three programmes for a balanced, invigorating or relaxing shower, all in a unique and incomparable ambience. This beautiful steam bath offers traditional relaxation in a truly stylish way, with elegant silver décor and a discrete colour palette.

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to deliver exceptional and uncompromising steam installations that you can trust. So, whichever steam facility you desire, we have stunning features and finishes to choose from and can help provide a luxurious spa experience that’s tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

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