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Spotlight on the KLAFS Sanarium

Spotlight on the KLAFS Sanarium

Unique relaxation shouldn’t be hard to find. Global market leader, KLAFS, have created the perfect answer to individual wellness with the patented SANARIUM with SaunaPURE®. Allowing you to create your own personal oasis with the touch of a button, this innovative and diverse system provides an exceptional spa experience like no other.

Relaxation reinterpreted: Sanarium with Saunapure®

The SANARIUM with SaunaPURE® offers five different climate zones, so you can choose whichever ambience you desire, and the humidity and temperature will be automatically adjusted to the setting of your choice. Whether you prefer a classic sauna, warm air bath, tropical bath, aroma bath or gentle steam bath, this clever KLAFS sauna heater can accommodate with ease.

More Than Just Soothing

The SANARIUM offers pure indulgence for the body and soul. Whilst the relaxation experience alone is enough to make the SANARIUM one of the industry’s most luxurious sauna heaters, it’s also verifiably good for your health.

It has been proven that the gentle warmth and ambience in the SANARIUM can lower blood pressure and relieve circulatory disorders. Using a low-temperature sauna twice a week can help those suffering from hypertension according to studies conducted by Dr. Hans-Joachim Winterfeld.

That’s not all. Using a SANARIUM® on a regular basis “exercises” your cardiovascular system, boosting your immune system and making you much less susceptible to catching cold. The skin also receives a purifying beauty treatment, not only is it cleansed, but the skin is supplied with all the nutrients and minerals it needs.

Expert Installation by Guncast

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS, who deliver exceptional and uncompromising sauna installations that you can trust. With stunning features and finishes to choose from, KLAFS provide a luxurious spa experience that’s tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

For trusted advice or more information on the KLAFS SANARIUM with SaunaPURE®, you can contact the team on 01798 343725 or via email at