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What to Consider When Creating a KLAFS Wellness Area

What to Consider When Creating a KLAFS Wellness Area

A well-built spa can steal the spotlight in any home or hotel. With careful planning and a dash of inspiration, you can create a thermal experience that will exceed your client’s expectations. However, creating a luxury wellness area can be a complex process, with many design factors to consider. Here’s our list of considerations before you build a wellness area:

Tailor the spa to the client

Personalising the project to the individual customer’s tastes and requirements is usually the best place to start. What’s the purpose of the spa? What size space are you working with? Whatever the motivation, KLAFS manufacture luxury saunas and steam rooms that are designed to be as individual as their owners. 

Home wellness areas are often built for the generous health benefits that the thermal installations offer. The new PURE sauna not only eases muscle tension and relieves stress, but this opulent thermal cabin boasts an understated elegance. There’s also the option to integrate serene coloured light with LIFTLIGHT skin-firming effect, for relaxation that demands to be seen as well as felt.

Or, for something more personalised and refined, the KLAFS personal steam room can accommodate all personal preferences. From acrylic, ceramic or natural stone to glistening gemstone embellishments and atmospheric night sky lighting, unique relaxation is closer than you think. KLAFS steam rooms are also highly beneficial for those suffering from rheumatism or respiratory disorders. 

For high-end hotels, gyms, day spas and even cruise ships, KLAFS spa installations have set the scene for success across the globe. Draw inspiration for sauna design ideas.

Current wellness trends

In the world of wellness suites, infrared saunas have become increasingly popular amongst celebrities and beauty gurus across social media. Focused heat treatment on the back area has been known for its beneficial, relaxing and pain-relieving effects for many years, proving that warmth might just be the best medicine. 

The InfraPLUS uses infrared-C radiation that generates radiant energy to warm the back more intensely and recharges the body. The InfraPLUS makes a wonderful addition to a sauna and eliminates the need to install a new cabin. 

Sauna and steam room features and KLAFS extras

Everything, down to the smallest details, should be matched to the users’ individual wellbeing and perfectly adapted to their needs. Added features and extras can upgrade a regular wellness area into something extraordinary. KLAFS range of sauna accessories invigorate the senses and can perfectly adapt to the users requirements.

To stimulate the senses, the KLAFS AQUAVIVA, designed by new media artist Walter Giers, combines light, sound and art into one tranquil experience. Perfect for mental relaxation, the acoustic stimuli give off the effect of a woodland meadow, mountain stream or gentle waves at the beach.

To create a sunny atmosphere, the BELLAVEDA light module creates an interplay of colours in flowing transitions on the sauna wall. Users can relax under the harmonious colour changes and feel waves of positivity within.

Choosing the Polar Starry Sky ceiling lights creates a mesmerising ambience. The glittering stars will immerse the user in a breath-taking atmosphere to intensify the wellness experience.

Wellness area practicality

Practicality is crucial when designing a wellness area. A beautiful, grand spa with luxury features may seem like a great idea, but if you’re challenged for space it’s best to opt for a savvy space saver such as the Sauna S1.

The new KLAFS Sauna S1 not only eases muscle tension and relieves stress, but this innovative, retractable sauna fits anywhere. When retracted, the KLAFS Sauna S1 is a slimline 60cm and no deeper than the average closet, from zero to sauna in under 60 seconds. 

Guncast successfully collaborates with KLAFS to design and build the most unique and luxurious saunas and steam rooms. Whether the preferred style is earthy and spiritual, bold and geometric or sleek and modern, we can design made-to-measure wellness areas that vibrantly complement properties.

To find out more about what features are available, contact our expert team on 01798 343725. Alternatively, complete our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch.