Inspirational Saunas Crafted to get you into the Spirit of Spring

Spring is the perfect time for crafting a custom, luxury sauna for the home or business. With that in mind, we’ve handpicked three designs from our wellness partner KLAFS, to inspire…


For a sauna that is both versatile and portable, the SMARTSAUNA® is ideal. This attractive, high quality model has a clever socket connection making it suitable for any room. This sauna is easily stowed away as well, which makes it perfect for moving, and thanks to pre-assembled engineering, self-installation is simple. With gorgeous Scandinavian spruce and aspen wood to choose from, there is the freedom to design an opulent model that is well and truly unique. 

TALO outdoor sauna 

The tranquil TALO outdoor sauna is cloaked in natural surroundings and is a flawless match for those who would like to be closer to nature. Made from enchanting Siberian larch wood to compliment the earthy environment, this sauna provides a wellness experience like no other. Weather conditions, thermal insulation and energy loss have all been taken into consideration so all that needs consideration is finding the perfect spot in the garden.  

LOUNGE sauna

The LOUNGE sauna offers a completely balanced atmosphere, with a Zen-inspired interior that provides ultimate relaxation through clear forms and simple elegance. Featuring avant-garde headrests that allow users to lie down as if floating, this model is undeniably luxurious. With the use of high-quality technology teamed with immaculate craftmanship, the LOUNGE sauna would suit anyone looking for premium relaxation. 

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