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Spring Cleaning Checklist for High-End, Outdoor Swimming Pools

Spring Cleaning Checklist for High-End, Outdoor Swimming Pools


Trimming back plants, shrubs and bushes in the vicinity of the pool area will create a serene and inviting surrounding, perfect for BBQ’s and other social activities. This should always be done avoiding any clippings spilling or being blown into the pool. Power washing the deck may also be beneficial to remove any winter stains that have built up, but you must make sure you wash away from the direction of the pool.

Skimming and scrubbing

Luxury outdoor pools should be skimmed daily. Leaves and debris will gather on the surface of the water whenever there is a breeze, so allowing 5 minutes at the end of each day for pool maintenance will make all the difference.  Additionally, once every other week the waterline of the pool should be scrubbed to prevent staining and algae build-up. If the algae are stubborn, an algaecide may need to be introduced to control the situation.

Crystal clear water

Throughout the summer season, the pools filter and pump will need to be serviced regularly to maintain performance and ensure clean and clear water quality. Make sure that the pump strainers are empty and filter backwash is operated on a regular basis. There are also multiple degreaser products on the market that can lend an extra helping hand if this task is proving to be a struggle.

Chlorine control

Luxury swimming pools deserve luxury treatment, and Guncast ensures a wonderfully clean and clear water quality, using the absolute minimum of chemical additives. The latest plant room located Ultraviolet and Ozone systems brilliantly combat all types of bacteria and viruses away from the bathing area of the pool, this eliminates the harsh chlorine levels and smell in the pool itself. The discomfort of bloodshot, stinging eyes is eliminated, and a relaxing and opulent swimming experience is created. Water treatment experts Guncast offer a comprehensive swimming pool maintenance service for commercial and private swimming pools. To discover more, contact our team on 01844 216264.