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Sauna or Steam? Which Thermal Experience is Best for You?

Sauna or Steam? Which Thermal Experience is Best for You?

The physical experience of sitting in a sauna or a steam room can feel fairly similar. Both are hot, encourage perspiration and elevate the heart rate. That said, there are also enough variances between the two that leaves many wondering which is better for overall health – a sauna or a steam room?


Reaching a dry heat of up to 100 degrees, saunas provide ultimate relaxation, easing tense muscles and relieving tension. Saunas are wonderful at soothing nerve endings and calming painful migraines as well as lowering blood pressure. The clean and clear air allows for reading and other activities to help de-stress and the high temperature promotes a peaceful sleep pattern.

In addition, the deep sweating that comes from heat bathing in a sauna helps to remove dead skin cells and flushes bacteria from the epidermal layer of skin and sweat ducts. Sweating is also known to bring a bath of nutrients and minerals, to the skin which in turn, helps to maintain collagen structure and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Steam Rooms

Steam rooms produce a moist water vapour, so the temperatures aren’t quite as hot as a sauna, however, the benefits are just as pleasing. The water is boiled and then released into the air by a steam generator producing a thick mist with humidity levels of up to 100%. The interior is usually tiled with benches to match so there are plenty of opulent design patterns to choose from in a range of tranquil colours.

In terms of health benefits, steam is superb for soothing respiratory implications such as allergies and asthma.  By opening up airways and clearing any congestion, optimum relaxation is achieved and the aches and pains are washed away. Steam is also extremely beneficial for the skin, and helps clear blemishes, leaving a healthy glow. 

In conclusion, the sauna is generally a better choice for those who find it hard to cope with hot humid environments, such as those who suffer from acute rheumatoid arthritis, acute infection, or active tuberculosis. It’s also important to note that, because of the increased cardiovascular activity in a steam room, people suffering from heart ailments should talk to their doctor before using one. Alternatively, the steam room is probably best for those who have respiratory issues such as Bronchial asthma or bronchitis.

Ultimately, unless there is a specific health issue to consider, it really depends on the wishes of the end user which heat experience is best.

Whichever heat experience appeals, Guncast have stunning features and finishes to choose from, with our manufacturing partners KLAFS we can help provide a luxurious spa experience that’s tailor-made to meet your specific needs. For expert advice, you can contact the team on 01798 343725 or via email at