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Sauna or Steam: Which do you prefer?

Sauna or Steam: Which do you prefer?

In a sauna, the temperature ranges from 70oC on the lower bench level to 100oC on the upper. Bathers can withstand this heat so well due to the air being very dry (approximately 3% relative humidity).

Dry air takes up moisture rapidly, and as a result, the sweat that forms on the skin swiftly evaporates which in turn, cools down the body.

The steam bath is at the other extreme of sweat bathing, suturing the air with humidity to such an extent that fine droplets of steam form (100% relative humidity).

As a result, the air can absorb far less of the water that your skin can produce through sweating than a dry sauna can. Because of this, the temperature in a steam bath is significantly lower, at around 40oC.

When entering a steam bath, the humidity in the air condensates onto the skin, causing many people to believe that they start sweating faster in a steam bath. In fact, the opposite is true because the body undergoes minimal evaporative cooling, warming up whilst sweating less.

Beneficial Effects of Sauna & Steam

Both types of baths offer health many benefits as they help relieve mental and physical stress, eliminate toxins in our body and train our immune system. Steam baths also have a positive effect on our skin and can be used as prophylactic treatment against respiratory illnesses such as a seasonal cold. However, the beneficial effects of sauna bathing or steam bathing on the body and soul really come into their own through the alternation of heat, cold and rest phases and through repetition.

  • The cold causes the rapid contraction of the dilated blood vessels, an instant impact on the skin’s nerve endings and trigger stronger bodily responses. A cold shower for instance has also an euphoric and mood-enhancing effect.
  • The rest phase allows heartbeat and blood circulation to return to normal

Powerful stimuli such as heat and cold call for a clear response, which is why sauna or steam bathing train the body’s own regulatory system through exclusively natural stimuli which are well tolerated. Furthermore, the succession of powerful successive stimuli from heat and cold, followed by equally powerful relaxation has a deep restorative effect on the soul and the body.

Sauna or Steam

Hot and dry or warm and humid, the choice of heat bathing is often made by own preference and ability to cope with these extreme environments.

KLAFS Sanarium® – Ultimate Relaxation

Every one of us is special and has earned a special means of relaxation. To cater for our different needs, the SANARIUM® developed by KLAFS offers everyone a form of bathing that best suits our preferences and daily lives. The SANARIUM® transforms a sauna into five: a classic sauna, a warm air bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a soft steam bath, by automatically adjusting the humidity and temperature for each of these.

Looking for more information? Speak to an expert

If you’re unsure what might be best for you, speak to the experts at Guncast for information and advice.

Guncast is proud to partner with the award-winning KLAFS to deliver exceptional and uncompromising luxury steam bath installations for bespoke wellness areas. For expert advice, you can contact the team on 01798 343725 or via email at

Sauna or Steam