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5 reasons to choose a Guncast moving floor swimming pool

5 reasons to choose a Guncast moving floor swimming pool

Moving floor swimming pools are one of the latest trends when it comes to home improvements. With floors that can be adjusted for variable depths and multi-function usability, it’s not hard to see why.

Construction technologies differ, so we have outlined 5 reasons why you should choose a Guncast moving floor swimming pool, often referred to as a hidden swimming pool.

No-fuss needed – low-maintenance moving floor swimming pools

The technology used in Guncast moving floor swimming pools, originally designed for the theatre industry is long-lasting and durable. Costly regular maintenance is a thing of the past.

The reliable Spiralift® lifters are made up of two stainless-steel bands that form a durable column. These columns move the stainless-steel floor deck and will not creep, stretch or move, unlike other methods using hydraulic cylinders, cables, floatation or scissor actions.

A swimming pool completely customised to your needs

A moving floor swimming pool by Guncast can accommodate a full range of swimming pool features and can truly be customised to meet your every need and desire. These vary from stairs and benches to Baja shelves and everything in between!

An eco-friendly option

Having a covered pool helps to retain heat and makes a notable difference to both energy retention and reduced evaporation, ensuring both time and cost-savings for the end user.

Keeping a swimming pool enclosed when not in use also cuts the amount of chemicals required to treat the water – making a hidden floor swimming pool by Guncast a more eco-friendly option.

Multi-functional space without added footprint

One of the biggest reasons people opt for a hidden floor swimming pool is its dual use functionality – particularly in cities like London where space is at a premium.

A moving floor swimming pool gives users the versatility of switching between a swimming pool and another space – all at the touch of a button. Guncast creates beautiful spaces for spare rooms, patios, home gyms, entertainment or anything else you need- the choice is yours.

Industry-leading moving floor technology

Guncast moving floor swimming pools are unlike any other, using patented Akvo Spiralift® technology. The water remains in place, continually circulating as the floor moves through it, taking just minutes to disappear, reappear, or be adjusted to any depth required, allowing you to quickly and easily transform your space into a luxury swimming pool area.

You’ve heard how you can enjoy it, now see it in action!


Guncast: Experts in luxury pool design

Guncast has over 40 years’ experience in designing and building luxury swimming pools in the UK and beyond.

Whatever the requirements, Guncast offers complete, bespoke solutions for the design and build of moving floor swimming pools. For industry leading advice, contact our dedicated swimming pool builders on +44 (0)1798 343725.

Alternatively, complete our online contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch.

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