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Selecting the Perfect KLAFS SNOW PARADISE® from Guncast to Complement Your Spa

Selecting the Perfect KLAFS SNOW PARADISE® from Guncast to Complement Your Spa

KLAFS snow paradise

What could be more refreshing and invigorating after a sauna than a cool down at a skin-tingling -10°C in a winter wonderland, KLAFS SNOW PARADISE® from Guncast? KLAFS SNOW PARADISE from Guncast is the perfect addition to your luxury spa, providing your discerning guests stimulation for physical health and mental relaxation in a wintery paradise, all year round.

Your guests can enjoy the unique SNOW PARADISE experience, in a natural feeling setting with fine, chemical-free, powdery snow and surrounding rocks and glaciers, that create a unique, peaceful environment to unwind and forget everyday stresses.

What are the health-related benefits of a KLAFS SNOW PARADISE from Guncast?

There are multiple health and wellness benefits for your guests. When combined with a sauna experience session, the cold the KLAFS SNOW PARADISE helps with blood circulation, which detoxifies the body and promotes wellness. Short exposure to cold air can also have a beneficial effect on the lungs and respiratory system, as well as training the immune system and preventing influenza infections or colds. The strengthened circulation provided by cold therapies can also positively affect metabolism.

How to use the KLAFS SNOW PARADISE from Guncast?

Upon entering the cabin, your guests are recommended to inhale deeply and exhale to refresh the lungs and airways. To enhance the cold effect, they can rub the snow, which is softer than the artificial snow on a ski slope, onto their skin. After a maximum of two minutes in the SNOW PARADISE, the guest should return to the sauna, take a warm shower, sit down, relax, or walk slowly to a comfortable lounging area.

Which KLAFS SNOW PARADISE cabin would suit your wellness area?

Guncast has a range of KLAFS SNOW PARADISE cabins to choose from, each offering its own unique, cool ambience. Choose a rustic, rugged, or alpine style cabin from the SNOW PARADISE Mountain line, which consists of the Mountain Rock, Mountain Creek, and Mountain Lodge. Or perhaps the SNOW PARADISE Picture Line would better complement your spa. The Alpine, Snow Forest Bathing, and Arktis models are all designed to give the impression of being in an atmospheric winter landscape.

Why choose a KLAFS SNOW PARADISE from Guncast for your wellness leisure facility?

The KLAFS SNOW PARADISE from Guncast gives wellness facilities a unique experience to offer their guests. The natural, fine powdery snow made of pure water, creates an ambience in a realistic glacier landscape, which transforms your guests into a dreamlike winter world as soon as they enter. Your KLAFS SNOW Paradise could be the unique selling point that persuades guests to book their spa break with you, over any other luxury wellness establishment. Select the KLAFS SNOW PARADISE from Guncast that best complements your property, and your guests are sure to find pure bliss.

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IMG ALT – There are six different options of KLAFS SNOW PARADISE from Guncast to choose from. Pictured: KLAFS SNOW PARADISE MOUNTAIN ROCK® cabin from Guncast.