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Swimming pools and spas from Guncast bring a new perspective to the later living market

Swimming pools and spas from Guncast bring a new perspective to the later living market

Retirement villages

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a retirement village? Retirement villages today, are not what they once were, we have pioneered change to provide facilities that prioritise luxury and wellbeing and improve the health and wellness of residents, to live better and longer lives, no matter what age. With this, the demand to have onsite luxury swimming pools, sauna and steam facilities, has increased dramatically. Here is why.

Whether your project is a new development or renovation, a luxury swimming pool and spa suite from Guncast is a must-have addition to your retirement property and we are bringing a new lease of life to developments up and down the country.

A bespoke indoor or outdoor luxury swimming pool can be built to any length and width to fit the space, and with a constant depth. This makes the pool versatile to be used for swimming, as well as exercise, fitness classes and relaxation. Swimming pools can be used day-to-day by individuals for leisure, and the addition of hydrotherapy and relaxation features can provide a truly multifunctional facility that adds value and a USP to any scheme.

Swimming pool and spa design to complement your retirement property

Guncast swimming pools and spa facilities are completely bespoke to suit the demographic of the retirement village and are designed to complement the building and environment.

Consultations with Guncast pool designers help to define the styles and finishes that would suit the retirement property and discerning residents’ demands and needs.

Health and wellness benefits of a sauna or steam room for older people

To enhance the wellbeing experience, retirement villages are investing in the complete wellness suite including a sauna, steam or both from KLAFS at Guncast. Retirement schemes across the UK have seen the many health and wellness benefits that can be provided through heat therapy for their occupants. Saunas and steam rooms are not only well-used by current residents at some of our previous projects, but they also help to set a new standard, drawing potential residents to the retirement village.

Heat therapy can boost the immune system, detox the body and help regulate blood pressure, provide stress tension relief and help to promote good sleep. Saunas and steam rooms also support pain relief and stress recovery, as well as mental and physical relaxation, amongst other benefits.

When it comes to the rest and relaxation areas, KLAFS at Guncast also offers a broad scope for creativity. With the modular IKONO spa and outdoor furniture edition, the SONNENWIESE® U (UV radiation), ergonomic LINEA heated lounger, or the SWAY pendulum lounger, rest areas can be designed to provide a calm and tranquil retreat for residents after a swim, or an aqua aerobics or thermal session.

Guncast works with several retirement villages and retirement property developers to create exclusive, bespoke designed swimming pools and complementary spa and wellness areas.

Contact us today to help enhance the value and desirability of your retirement property.