Benefit from hydrotherapy at home

Throughout the pandemic, and beyond, there has been a rise in property owners investing in their homes and their health. So, do you choose a hot tub for relaxation and hydrotherapy treatment, or a ‘full-size’ swimming pool for exercise and leisure? And do you have to choose just one? 


A hydrotherapy pool is heated, and designed to be used for both relaxation and exercise. Hydrotherapy, including hydromassage, offers various wellness benefits. It can be used to help with lower back pain, Osteoarthritis, post-surgery recovery, and more. A lap pool is a great option for regular exercise at home, but choosing a multifunctional hydrotherapy pool with counter current units, can help to maximise space and meet your requirements for relaxation and exercise. 

Also referred to as a ‘swim spa’ , a multifunctional hydrotherapy pool with counter-current units combines the benefits of a hydrotherapy pool, with the benefits of a lap pool, enabling relaxation and exercise in a smaller space.  

Swim spas may have become more popular because people are getting bored with sitting in a hot tub, and would rather do something more active and beneficial to fitness. It gives the user more options to choose from, and ticks the boxes for relaxing, exercising and entertaining.  

Case study: Hydrotherapy pool project in Oxfordshire 


This breath-taking building, as part of the client’s private property, provides a unique and innovative solution to exercising throughout the year in a purpose-built training and rehabilitation pool.  

The couple in this Oxford-based private property, wanted to swim together at home and didn’t have the space available for a ‘full-length’ lap pool. Guncast designed a hydrotherapy pool that provides a unique and innovative solution to exercising throughout the year in a purpose-built training and rehabilitation pool.  

The pool includes two counter current units attached to the swimming pool, providing an extensive current, similar to that of a river or open water. The counter current units are removable, allowing the swimming pool to be used for multiple purposes. The space also features a TV on the wall so the couple could incorporate guided water aerobics sessions into their pool-based exercise.  

Indoor and outdoor swim spas have consistently been popular as they allow exercise, and relaxation, even without a huge amount of space. To maximise space, and multi-functionality, counter currents can be removed from the spa pool area when not in use to maximise the space if family or children would like to use the pool.  

If you are interested in installing a hydrotherapy pool in your home, take inspiration from our portfolio of swimming pool and spa projects, or please contact the Guncast Pools and Wellness design team