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How can a Sauna Benefit Your Health?

How can a Sauna Benefit Your Health?

health benefits of a sauna

Are you considering installing wellness products, such as a sauna in your home? Regular sauna use is like a healthy “training session” for your body, which helps to strengthen your immune system.  Learn about the wellness effects of a sauna as we explain what a hot sweat bath can do for your body.

Much like regular sport sessions, repetitive saunas can help to train the body up, enabling it to cope with certain situations better. A quick sprint for the bus is no problem for a runner who trains regularly, for example. Likewise, a regular sauna user may be better equipped to deal with winter and the flu season, or even the coronavirus pandemic.  

The Heat Process

During a hot sweat bath in the sauna, your body temperature rises by as much as two degrees. This causes your body to use cooling mechanisms to control the heat on the skin and you begin to sweat profusely. This is where the vascular “training session” begins: your blood vessels dilate, the volume of your bloodstream increases, and your heart pumps vigorously.

The Cooling Process

Follow the sauna with cool-off in a cold shower or plunge pool to begin the second stage of vascular training. The cold causes the previously dilated vessels to contract again suddenly, which stimulates the circulation and activates the metabolism.  

The body of a regular sauna user is well equipped to deal with the temperature change of moving from a hot sauna into a cold environment. This “training” provides a lasting boost to the immune system, to protect against viruses and bacteria, and reduce the risk of illness. It also ensures better thermoregulation (the process that allows your body to maintain its core internal temperature), which gets the body into better shape to fight pathogens and bacteria.   

The addition of essential oils to your sauna

During a sauna infusion, natural sauna aromas not only give off a wonderfully refreshing fragrance, but also have an antibacterial effect thanks to the essential oils they contain. Deep breaths of hot sauna air refreshed with mint, for example, help to fight against viruses and bacteria in the throat.

Installing a sauna at home

Having everyday access to a sauna will help you to receive these health benefits all year round. Talk to a KLAFS specialist at Guncast Pools & Wellness about a sauna to fit your needs. We can also provide a bespoke sauna design to suit your home environment. Contact us today.