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How can you offer luxury wellness facilities to guests, and still reduce energy costs?

How can you offer luxury wellness facilities to guests, and still reduce energy costs?


Due to their various health and wellness benefits, saunas are often expected as standard in a luxury hotel or health spa. However, running a sauna year-round contributes to energy bills, and the biggest impact on sauna energy costs is heat loss.

Sauna ventilation

The right amount of fresh air in a sauna is important, but too much ventilation and heat transmission via the ceiling equates to excessive energy costs. In fact, a staggering 75% of heat loss in saunas occurs through the ventilation of the cabin, and through the ceiling. The required ventilation is dependent on the air quality and number of people bathing at one time.

This is where the KLAFS CLIMATE MANAGER and the EcoPlus thermal ceiling come in. The KLAFS CLIMATE MANAGER from Guncast enables you to measure various air components in real time. It regulates the flow of fresh air, via a fan, based on the quality of the air inside the cabin (which is driven mainly by the level of occupancy).

The KLAFS CLIMATE MANAGER uses sophisticated sensor technology which analyses the sauna air and introduces fresh air as/when required, rather than having a continuous air exchange, which expends more energy.

Furthermore, the EcoPlus thermal ceiling ensures the heat stays in the cabin for much longer. KLAFS commercial saunas are designed with a sandwich-type structure and are insulated to prevent heat loss. Traditionally built saunas tend to retain far less heat than sandwich-type saunas, losing more than four times the amount of heat.

Comprised of the thermal insulated ceiling and the CLIMATE MANAGER, the professional KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package for your commercial spa, hotel, or health clubs, presents an extremely efficient form of energy management. It could reduce the amount of energy used when operating your sauna, by up to 35% per year.


Green Steam

Steam baths also offer multiple health and wellness benefits to your guests, as part of their complete wellness journey. The KLAFS GREEN STEAM package helps reduce your environmental impact, while enabling your guests to indulge.

It considerably reduces the amount of electricity needed to power your steam bath, helping to lower your energy bills and reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

The KLAFS GREEN STEAM PACKAGE is comprised of STEAMIX, which mixes steam with fresh air and essences, and OPTISTREAM, which ensures the steam is constant and wonderfully dense. The excellent fog formation is achieved through thermal insulation of the steam pipe, the steam bath, and the steam cylinder. Combined with our exhaust air extraction system, the optimal level of steam is generated, and electricity is used as efficiently as possible.

KLAFS GREEN STEAM is an energy-saving package for KLAFS steam rooms, designed to reduce carbon footprint, while creating a perfect steam room climate.

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The KLAFS GREEN SAUNA and GREEN STEAM packages help hotels, heath clubs, and spas to achieve a balance, they save energy and associated costs for your business, without foregoing any of the luxury or comfort for your guests.

If you are looking to upgrade your wellness and leisure facilities, talk to the specialist Guncast Pools and Wellness team about bespoke options to complement your property and wow your guests. Contact us to find out more about our green packages.