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The Ultimate Thermal Journey with KLAFS at Guncast

The Ultimate Thermal Journey with KLAFS at Guncast

Providing an unforgettable therapeutic thermal journey is essential to the guest experience offered by any boutique hotel, exclusive club wellness suite, or anything in between. As Guncast is the selected UK partner for KLAFS products, we offer a truly comprehensive range of wellness suites for commercial use.

Why your guest chooses to embark on a thermal journey

A wealth of benefits has been attributed to thermal spa therapy. High temperatures help soothe aching muscles, encourage blood flow, detoxify skin, and aid relaxation, while steam can clear respiratory congestion. At the other extreme, cold temperatures help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance immunity. The contrasting temperatures combined give a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall wellbeing.

Saunas and more to begin the thermal journey

There is an almost endless offering of KLAFS commercial saunas from Guncast. Together we can create a custom-tailored project that is as individual as the atmosphere in your hotel or spa. The KLAFS SANARIUM® features a sophisticated automatic climate system to manage temperature and humidity for the perfect sauna experience.

Complementary systems to further enhance your guest’s experience, include soothing Microsalt Technology, which is also incorporated in the SALINA LOUNGE, designed by KLAFS to make guests feel as though they are spending an exciting yet soothing day by the sea.Pain-alleviating infrared technology, featuring KLAFS radiator control technology is also increasingly popular.

Steam and warm baths – essential elements of the wellness package

Wellness packages from KLAFS commercial and Guncast include a vast range of customised steam baths and showers.  

KLAFS steam showers offer maximum guest enjoyment, with a small footprint, ideal for smaller boutique hotels, for example. The combination of a shower and a steam bath also turns a relaxing steam experience into a refreshing part of the cooling-off phase.

To cater for those guests that prefer a less extreme heat experience, there is also a range of warm, relaxing bath systems available from Guncast and KLAFS. The range includes the Hammam (Turkish bath) for sweating, cleansing and relaxation; the brine cabin for relaxation in lower humidity; the caldarium for deep relaxation; and the laconium, which is a comfortable alternative to a conventional sauna.

The cold after the steam

Following a session in the steam bath or sauna, KLAFS cooling-off features offer your guests a memorable and refreshing experience, with a choice of tropical rain, a eucalyptus ice shower, or a drenching under the single-jet flood shower head.

The ICE LOUNGE also offers post-sauna refreshment, with the optional STALAGMITE ice fountain. Its design can be further enhanced with ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS, a system with ultra-high-resolution screens showing cool images, such as snowy peaks or drifting ice flows. The KLAFS ice fountain can also complement the ambience of your wellness suite.

The perfect end to the cooling phase of any thermal journey is a quick dip in a cold plunge pool, stunningly designed and built by Guncast and KLAFS to match your spa environment.

The all-important relaxation room

Stylish, tranquil relaxation rooms are an important part of every thermal journey, and provide a valuable opportunity to reflect your property’s identity.

KLAFS commercial wellness packages offer everything your guests could ask for, while relaxing in style, from ergonomic loungers and comfortable furniture, to SONNENWIESE® tanning equipment. The Tepidarium is a special relaxation room with heated stone loungers, and uniform radiated heat, which is ideal to warm up or to recharge.

You can even offer your guests the sights and sounds of nature, whatever your location, with ATMOSPHERE from KLAFS, which includes the majestic Alps, the open desert, or the breaking waves of the sea.

Plan your complete thermal journey with Guncast and KLAFS wellness suites

Create your own bespoke thermal journey for your guests. To discuss your wellness suite design, contact a specialist Guncast designer on +44 (0)1798 343725, or complete our online contact form to arrange a callback.

KLAFS is the global market leader for the design of hydrothermal solutions, including snow cabins, ice fountains, steam baths, mud baths, hamams, caldariums, SANARIUM®, saunas and more.  Learn more about KLAFS commercial wellness packages.

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