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Why an ice lounge should be part of your thermal journey

Why an ice lounge should be part of your thermal journey


What could transform your thermal journey into an unforgettable experience for your spa guests? A bespoke, luxury ice lounge from KLAFS at Guncast adds a thrilling and memorable cooling experience for your guests.

Your guests deserve an Ice lounge from KLAFS at Guncast as part of their thermal journey

An ice lounge is a multisensory room that cools down the airways and the skin, at a comfortably refreshing 14°C – 16°C temperature. Whether it is a small boutique hotel, a private health club, or a luxury wellness centre, your guests expect a complete thermal journey with heating and cooling sensations.

The crisp, clean environment of a KLAFS ice lounge from Guncast is created with specially developed acrylic ice, which is clear, colourless and has no impurities. Perfect for relaxing and cooling off, before or after a hot sauna.

You can further enhance this invigorating phase of the thermal journey by adding elements to further stimulate the senses, such as relaxing fragrances, a stunning ice fountain and multimedia vision with sound effects.

Turn up the ATMOSPHERE® with a spectacular visual experience from KLAFS at Guncast

Exclusive 4K high resolution screens installed in your ice lounge can deliver UHD or 4K quality slow motion images with synchronised sound, to help your spa guests truly escape from the stresses of everyday life.  Available from KLAFS at Guncast, ATMOSPHERE® is not just a screen. It is a window to an alternative world giving a heightened experience, to the ice lounge user, of relaxation and tranquillity in nature.

Add some sparkle to your ice lounge with a POLARIS or Stalagmite Ice Fountain 

A POLARIS ice fountain or Stalagmite Ice fountain are the perfect addition to a post-sauna ice lounge to add some spectacle and indulgence to the experience for your guests. To add even more sparkle and brilliance to the ice crystals, why not select an optional interchangeable colour lighting, for a truly stunning and luxurious feature.

Talk to a KLAFS at Guncast specialist to find out more about ice lounge installations for your luxury commercial property.