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Let KLAFS at Guncast create the perfect ATMOSPHERE® for your spa guests

Let KLAFS at Guncast create the perfect ATMOSPHERE® for your spa guests


How can you further enhance the calming experience for sauna and spa users at your boutique hotel, wellness centre, or private members health club? Add ATMOSPHERE® Biophilic Visions from KLAFS at Guncast to transport your guests to tranquil settings, in the blink of an eye.

Enhance the calming thermal journey with ATMOSPHERE from KLAFS at Guncast

More than a screen in a sauna or spa, ATMOSPHERE provides a window to nature and wildlife, enabling your sauna users to enter the spa and escape to the wild.

A choice of different relaxing environments, including tranquil oceans, invigorating mountains, and calming deserts, can be displayed in slow-motion UHD or 4K quality images on one or multiple screens, with synchronised sound, for a complete immersion experience, to escape the stresses of daily life.

Create a warm or cool ATMOSPHERE® as part of your thermal journey

Install the ATMOSPHERE® Biophilic Vision system in a sauna or tepidarium and allow your guests to unwind and relax as they gaze into majestic waterfalls, calming desert scenes and the serene ocean, creating an immersive experience of escapism. It adds to the opportunity they have to let go of stresses as they stretch out and relax.

For a cool, calming experience, install the ATMOSPHERE system in a luxury and bespoke ice lounge, displaying scenes of invigorating icy waves or calm drifting glaciers, for the ultimate, immersive cooldown after a sauna or steam bath.

With plenty of films to choose from, you can provide the perfect relaxing atmosphere for your guests in any part of your spa wellness suite. The ATMOSPHERE can also be connected to a TV to show your own unique footage and commercial promotional movies.

Talk to a KLAFS at Guncast specialist to find out more about the ATMOSPHERE Biophilic Vision from KLAFS at Guncast, or to discuss your commercial spa and wellness suite requirements.