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Choose a stylish, eco-friendly finish for your bespoke KLAFS sauna from Guncast

Choose a stylish, eco-friendly finish for your bespoke KLAFS sauna from Guncast

Eco-friendly finish

When specifying a luxury KLAFS sauna from Guncast for your boutique hotel, wellness suite or private fitness club, you now have the option to select an insulated glass front. This not only enhances the experience for your sauna users, but it also benefits your business, and the environment.

Enhance the wellness experience

The insulated glass front has been designed by KLAFS with aesthetic in mind. Made almost entirely from glass, with only the glass spacers and slim cover profiles visible, the new glass front allows plenty of light to enter the sauna. It helps to create a feeling of open space to enhance the relaxing environment for the sauna users.

Though it is double glazed, its profile is slim and discreet, making it even more visually pleasing than conventional framed double-glazed panes.

Thermal insulation helps to save energy

Strong thermal insulation is provided by the optional insulated glass front. The 28mm double-glazed glass leads to a lower level of energy loss, contributing to environmental sustainability goals, as well as reduced costs for your business. Compared with a single pane glass front, the heat loss through the double glazing is reduced by nearly 80% allowing for the temperature of the external glass to be as low as 35°C (rather than 75°C).

A strong, robust, and durable sauna front

Built and tested to the highest standards, the KLAFS insulated glass front features toughened safety glass doors giving increased impact and shock resistance. It is not sensitive to large changes in temperature and is highly durable. This glass front has been built to last and designed to maintain its thermal insulation properties permanently, giving you peace of mind for the life of your luxury, bespoke sauna. It is DIN 4103-1 certified following testing of the glass statics, edge protection, and dimensioning. The aluminium frame can also be anodised to match other surrounding frames.

As the UK partner for KLAFS, Guncast provides saunas, steam baths, and a wide range of products to provide a bespoke, complete thermal journey for your guests. Contact Guncast today to start planning your bespoke luxury wellness suite. Email KLAFS at Guncast directly: or call the team on 01798 343725.