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Enjoy the Ultimate Wellness Journey at Home with KLAFS and Guncast

Enjoy the Ultimate Wellness Journey at Home with KLAFS and Guncast

Hotels investing in wellness with KLAFS

Due to the pandemic many of us have realised the importance of focusing on physical and mental wellness. With fewer opportunities to visit wellness centres, spas, and hotels, why not enjoy your own thermal and wellness journey from the comfort and privacy of your home? That’s a possibility, thanks to a range of wellness products from Guncast and KLAFS.

KLAFS home wellness products available from Guncast consist of saunas (including infrared packages), steam rooms, steam showers, and relaxation baths. We also offer accessories for relaxation rooms such as portable salt inhalation diffusers, UV Sun Meadow lights, and pendulum loungers. These wellness products are not purely a luxury indulgence, they also bring about real health benefits.

What health benefits do saunas and steam rooms offer?

One of the key health benefits that can be offered by a sauna is a boost to your immune system. Each use of the sauna, combined with the cooling stage of the thermal journey, reinforces your body’s defence mechanism by raising your core temperature as if you had a fever, which your body tries to fight off.

Saunas and steam rooms also support pain relief, stress recovery and mental and physical relaxation amongst other benefits. If you’re thinking of installing an infrared cabin, why not incorporate the KLAFS InfraPLUS, infrared-C radiation within your sauna? It generates radiant energy to warm your back, head and shoulders more intensely and employs the SensoCare sensor system, which automatically adjusts the radiation intensity according to the skin temperature to avoid overstressing your skin.

How could salt inhalation benefit your health?

A number of scientific studies have proved that Microsalt technology offers multiple benefits, including in-depth cleaning of the airways. Now this unique technology is both easily available and affordable for private, residential properties, thanks to SaltProX, the first Microsalt device especially for private customers.

With its invisible grinding technology, Microsalt SaltProX generates a particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which then spreads throughout the entire cabin. If you already have a sauna or infrared cabin, we can help you convert it into a salt inhalation room.

Regular Microsalt inhalations can support the immune system, and Microsalt is especially recommended for people with respiratory disorders, including hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and chronic lung diseases. It is also suitable for people frequently suffering from colds or struggling with sinusitis.

Feel vibrant, relaxed and happy with KLAFS SUN MEADOW® UV Lights

Sunshine plays an important role in our physical and mental health, but it has been somewhat absent in many of our lives due to lockdown restrictions, limited opportunities to travel abroad, and the unpredictable British weather.

Now you can bring the benefits of the sun right into your home by adding KLAFS SUN MEADOW® UV Lights to your relaxation room. SUN MEADOW® U gives you a natural, long-lasting tan and stimulates your body’s production of vitamin D, while the SUN MEADOW® K radiates soothing warmth to help skin regenerate and look firm and smooth.

Vitamin D helps to facilitate the immune system and helps the body to absorb calcium for strong bones and teeth. It can also play a role in reducing depression, regulating the mood, and may aid weight loss.
Add a SWAY pendulum lounger for ultimate relaxation in your SUN MEADOW tanning canopy.

Begin your home wellness journey with Guncast and KLAFS

Many health benefits, both physical and mental, have been attributed to thermal and hydrotherapy practices. As Guncast is the exclusive supplier of KLAFS products in the UK, we can help you to achieve the ultimate wellness suite, designed and built to complement your home and your life. Please contact a Guncast specialist to discuss your home wellness requirements.