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Hotels investing in wellness with KLAFS

Hotels investing in wellness with KLAFS

Hotels investing in wellness with KLAFS

Today’s high-end hotel guest demands more than just a swimming pool from boutique brand hotels or luxury hotel chains. Just like today’s spa visitor, they expect a complete wellness journey provided with the latest wellness suite facilities.  In fact, wellness is fast-becoming the profit centre for hotels and high-end leisure clubs, so perhaps now is the time to invest in the future of your business. 

Many people have taken the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to develop new health and wellness routines. As restrictions ease and lift, the demand for thermal, hydrotherapy, and wellness facilities is likely to increase.

So, will your leisure facilities meet guest demands?

Create a thermal journey with KLAFS commercial products from Guncast

Your guests want to feel invigorated and relaxed, we design thermal journeys with them and your property in mind.

The extensive range of options for KLAFS commercial saunas is almost limitless, and with a comprehensive range of KLAFS products, Guncast has everything your facility needs. You can create a bespoke thermal journey for your guests, from hot to cold, with products including, saunas, steam baths, shower areas, ice fountains, hamams, caldariums, plunge pools, vitality pools, relaxation rooms, and infrared.

Following hotel wellness trends: In-room wellbeing

One of the latest wellness concepts is “in-room wellbeing”; a wellness package that enables hotel guests to indulge in their thermal journey from their rooms.  Rather than a spa pool in your best rooms, however, consider installing a retractable KLAFS S1 Sauna.

The KLAFS S1 sauna extends from 60cm to a 1.6m sauna in just 20 seconds, at the touch of a button. It provides everything your guest would expect for a relaxing sauna session in the privacy of their own room.

As well as adding a further element of luxury and privacy to the wellness journey experience, it removes the necessity to share a communal sauna. This is even more significant at a time when some people are more comfortable socially distancing or have simply become accustomed to enjoying their own space.

The Guncast journey: From design to finish, and beyond

Your new or ongoing “future-oriented” spa layout will require professional support to incorporate the latest wellness concepts. With more than 100 years’ combined experience, Guncast and KLAFS provide creative and practical support.

If you need guidance, whether you are starting from ground zero, renovating existing facilities, or expanding, Guncast is an experienced and professional one-stop solution in the swimming pool, wellness and spa industry. We will manage your project from design to finish, ensuring your luxury wellness suite complements your property and goes beyond the expectations of your guests. We also offer aftercare and an ongoing support package that includes regular maintenance. 

Guncast specialists work closely with customers to create the ideal concept, incorporating the latest in wellness and hydrotherapy. Together, Guncast and KLAFS can help to shape the future wellness and spa landscape of your market.

Guncast and KLAFS working together

Guncast is the exclusive UK partner for KLAFS, and, whatever your business is, we can help to form your concept and create a bespoke Guncast and KLAFS wellness package to suit your needs. We design and build quality products to last and provide maintenance services.

An extensive range of KLAFS wellness products is available from Guncast. For more information about how we can provide your entire wellness journey offering including swimming pool design and build, please contact us.