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What are the benefits of installing Guncast pools in a residential complex?

What are the benefits of installing Guncast pools in a residential complex?

The installation of two bespoke, luxury Guncast swimming pools, including a vitality pool, has recently been completed in an ultra-high-level residential complex in Central London. What are the benefits the residents can expect?

Guncast swimming pool for exercise, hydrotherapy and relaxation

An indoor swimming pool is often considered the ultimate luxury home accessory, but as well as being an indulgence, pools also offer many health and wellness benefits, to be enjoyed in your home. You can take care of your physical health with daily exercise, without leaving your home, and that invigoration contributes to mental health. It also offers the benefits of a private paradise to unwind and relieve stress.

The porcelain-finished 25-metre pool at this Central London residential complex features a constant depth of 1.2 metres, which makes the pool even more versatile. The whole swimming pool can be used for swimming and exercise, both for older and younger residents.

Guncast vitality pool for hydrotherapy and relaxation

With a stunning design, a vitality pool can bring the wow factor to any type of commercial property, from boutique luxury hotels to private health clubs. They are where beautiful, clean design meets the functionality of hydrotherapy.

Vitality pools can be equipped with various therapeutic features such as bubble pads, massage benches and powerful massage jets.  Typically operating at a soothing temperature of 34°C – 38°C, vitality pools can be spa hydrotherapy, counter current jets, water aerobics, massage and general relaxation. They bring multiple physical and mental health and wellness benefits, as well as pure relaxation to the bather.

The vitality pool at this London Residential complex is also porcelain-finished, with a constant depth of 1.2 metres, and can be used for hydrotherapy, water aerobics, massage and more. The vitality pool features an air lounger neck massager, a shoulder massager, a 3-tier jet, a foot massager, an air geyser, spa seat jets and a bubble track.

Guncast designed, supplied and installed this ultra-high level, luxury swimming pool and spa area for the affluent residents of the upscale residential complex. Additional features of this installation were the spa sauna, steam room and feature shower, and private use sauna and steam room.

Ultimately, Guncast was able to deliver the high-quality complete package and finish expected for an ultra-high-end property, throughout the entire project. Talk to a Guncast specialist to discuss your commercial swimming pool requirements.

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