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Did you know infrared heat can help relieve your backpain?

Did you know infrared heat can help relieve your backpain? 

Infrared saunas have risen in popularity, as they offer various health benefits, including back pain relief. Many celebrities swear by the long-lasting effects. If you suffer with backpain, read on to learn more.

What is an infrared sauna?

In a traditional sauna, the heat is generated by an (electric) heater covered with olivine stones. It is transferred via convection through the air, conduction by the seat and benches, and radiation of the interior wood panelling of the cabin.

An infrared sauna, however, is not designed to heat the air inside the cabin. Instead, it uses infrared lamps or foil that warm the body directly with targeted radiant heat, which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Using infrared radiation, it is possible to transfer heat to the skin without physical contact. As the upper layers of skin heat up, blood circulation increases in order to cool the skin. The heat is then transported by the blood and distributed throughout the body.

How does Infrared Sauna help back pain?

One of the key health benefits offered by infrared heat treatment, is back pain relief. Targeted heat treatment of the back area offers a soothing, relaxing and analgesic effect. Infrared sauna treatment relieves tension in your back, and relaxes the muscles.

The localised heat expands the blood vessels, so hardened muscle areas are better supplied with blood, and loosened. The direct penetration of heat into the body also creates a pleasant, thoroughly warming feeling. In addition, your metabolism is accelerated. Athletes and those with very active lifestyles also appreciate this mild warming to relax their muscles after training, or a busy day.

How safe is infrared treatment?

KLAFS Infrared InfraPLUS seats have built in SensoCare. Four integrated sensors help to measure skin temperature and automatically regulate the heat intensity during the session. This prevents over-heating of the skin, to ensure a gentle and relaxing infrared experience, achieving the full soothing effect without overstressing your skin.

KLAFS Infrared options for your home, from Guncast

KLAFS InfraPLUS seat – If you already own a traditional sauna, you can install a KLAFS InfraPLUS seat in there. That way you can still enjoy all the benefits of a traditional sauna, adding the option of targeted infrared heat treatment, as you desire. The backrest is fully adjustable, allowing users to sit comfortably, even on a low sauna bench, providing a luxurious experience whether enjoying a relaxing infrared treatment or sauna session.

If you don’t have a sauna, you can also choose to install an infrared seat in a room in your house, for convenient access whenever you need some targeted heat treatment.


Purpose-built KLAFS Infrared Cabin – Some people prefer an Infrared Cabin to a sauna if they are not used to spending time in a sauna, of if they prefer slightly lower temperatures. An infrared cabin enables the bather to enjoy the health benefits of a sauna and infrared heat, at a comfortable and controlled temperature.

KLAFS Retractable S1 Infrared Cabin – The KLAFS S1 infrared Sauna is designed to fit into your modern, busy life. It offers plenty of space for relaxing and relieving your aches and everyday stresses. And when not in use, it retracts to just 45 cm deep, at the touch of a button.

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