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How a home swimming pool and wellness suite can help maintain your healthy habits

How a home swimming pool and wellness suite can help maintain your healthy habits

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There has been a spike in home buyers looking for home gyms and health and fitness facilities, according to a recent article. Individual wellness is more important than ever, and Guncast (together with KLAFS) can help get you started on your wellness journey, in the comfort of your very own home.

From bespoke luxury swimming pools to home saunas tailored to your individual needs, Guncast works closely with property owners, architects, interior designers and property developers, to design and install the perfect home wellness facilities.

Why should you install a swimming pool?

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Swimming is a great form of exercise, and you have plenty of swimming pool design options depending on what suits your needs. If swimming lengths is your thing, you might choose a long lap pool or, you could add counter current units to a smaller or square swimming pool for resistance swimming.

There are multiple health benefits to swimming. It’s excellent for training, and uses your entire body and cardiovascular system. Over time, swimming can increase muscle mass and general fitness and is a prime example of a low-impact cardio workout. It can also have positive effects on your mental health and wellbeing, making a pool an ideal addition to your home wellness suite.

If you’re looking for low impact exercise options besides swimming, a constant depth swimming pool lends itself well to water aerobics. A constant or adjustable depth swimming pool can also be used for children learning to swim in a safe environment.

The health benefits of regular sauna use

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A sauna can help to reduce your blood pressure and increase cardiovascular compliance. Studies have shown that regular sauna use can have profound effects on the body, from the removal of harmful toxins to the hydration of skin cells.

Further additional health benefits of regular sauna use include the welcome relief from allergies. Those who suffer from Hay Fever may find that regular sauna use can alleviate common symptoms such as dry, irritated eyes, hives on the skin and even allergy related asthma. The KLAFS S1 Sauna filters out pollen from the outside air, which grants users some much needed relief during the high pollen season (which is typically between the months of March and May). Regular sauna use is a reliable and medically proven method of combatting allergy related symptoms throughout the year, all whilst boosting your immune system and contributing to both your physical and mental well-being. You can read more about using saunas to combat the allergy season here.

The practice of steam bathing offers similar benefits, and Guncast offers a range of KLAFS steam baths and showers, which can be incorporated into your home wellness suite.

Infrared bathing

Infrared sauna treatments can help to alleviate back pain. When it comes to strained muscles, stiff joints and injury flare ups, there’s no better pain relief than targeted heat. A home sauna can help to ease back pain through infrared bathing. Clinical studies have proven that infrared waves open the blood vessels and deliver oxygen and vital nutrients deep into the muscles and ligaments. Combined with the warming effective of the infrared rays, this can help to significantly reduce stiffness in the muscles and ligaments, ultimately working to eradicate pain and increase general flexibility. You can read more about the effect of infrared rays on back pain here.

Talk to the Guncast team about a bespoke swimming pool and wellness facilities for your home. Make a face-to-face appointment at the Manchester showroom or fill out a form online for an initial conversation.